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This is Who We Are

We are a house of experienced photographers, branders and illustrators. We set new standards in company exposure corporate image.

Brand Inc. prides itself on providing quality, unique products for its clients. Our team recognizes the importance of a good corporate image and we strive to make each company a gem in the public eye.

Each day Brand Inc. puts 100 percent of its energy into every product it creates.

We design and build brands, take photos, illustrate cool things and enhance the visual world.

We are awesome

Our work has been showcased in several leading industry magazines and our team has proven time and again that their vision is a road map for the future.

The industry is full of shops that claim to provide a unique vision but lack the ability to make your company stand out. Our clients are recognized as icons in their industry and in no small part because of the unique bold images that we have helped them create.

We are innovative

Not all round pegs fit in a round hole. Every person has their own need and their own desire. And that is where we come in.

What makes you stand out? What makes you memorable? What makes your customers happy? We find the answers to these questions and we tailor a campaign that is your coporate image. Do you leave "them" wanting more and remembering that you were there? We will make the answer to these questions a resounding YES!

we provide awesome digital services.

We have two customers, you, our client and your client, your customer. When we make everyone happy you are a success. We live in both of these worlds every day. Statistics show that the most successful brands are successful becuase 76 percent of their customers are repeat customers. Our job is to help you keep that 76 percent.


We develop your brand.


We create your brand strategy and your logos.


We setup anything you need to create your new brand including print and web.


We are always there for you if you need help or immediate changes.


My company was struggling to become a unique icon and Brand Inc. was the solution. They made my company stand out away from the pack

Angelina Burseke

Our Skills

Taking Photos

Drawing Pictures


Writing Copy

Public Relations

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We love art. We love photography. We love being unique. Our goal is to bake all of our passion into your company's image and provide you with a style that is all your own.

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